A Foreign Language Service

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We specialize in lesser-known languages
(with over 222 languages currently in use)


A Foreign Language Service operates throughout the Southwest. Based in Arizona, we are also happy to travel to New Mexico, California, Nevada, and elsewhere.

We rent equipment (radio headsets for simultaneous or sequential oral interpretation)

    Written translation:

    • Advertising
    • Brochures
    • Bulletins
    • Contracts
    • Import/Export
    • Manuals
    • Reports
    • Technical reports

    Verbal translation:

    • Conventions
    • Business Meetings
    • Lectures
    • Seminars
    • Travel


For all legal interpretation, A Foreign Language Service adheres to the "Modal Code of Professional Responsibilities for Interpreters in the Judiciary"

We also provide legal certification and notarization

    Written translation:

    • Briefs
    • Certificates
    • Law Offices
    • Courtroom
    • Police Records

    Verbal translation:

    • Court proceedings
    • Legal dispositions
    • Police investigations


    Written translation:

    • Correspondence
    • Newsletters
    • Projects
    • Resumes

    Verbal translation:

    • Social gatherings
    • Travel
    • Tours
    • Personal tutoring


Our staff believes that teaching interpersonal communication skills is the key to learning a language. Grammar is de-emphasized; it is the meaning that is most important.

    Written translation:

    • Articles
    • Diplomas
    • Papers
    • Research
    • Thesis
    • Transcripts

    Verbal translation:

    • Tutoring
    • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

A Foreign Language Service
40 W. Baseline Rd. Suite #204 Mesa, AZ 85210 | (480) 813-4242

Please email us at one of the following address's

For a general manager: bill@aflscorp.com

For translations: translation@aflscorp.com

For interpreting: interpreting@aflscorp.com

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